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Computer Repairs Southsea Water Cooling Installation, Servicing and Upgrades

Southsea Water Cooling Upgrades

 You don’t have to be super technical to run a  liquid cooled computer. closed-loop liquid coolers to your processor (AIO) liquid coolers are highly efficient and maintenance free. 

Compared to some of the large and bulky air coolers, AIO liquid coolers can not only work better but look better in the case and easier to customise without heavy metal heat sink on the top of your CPU. 

Instead, We can attach a smaller block to your CPU and mount the bigger radiator elsewhere on your gaming PC.

We have lots of options when it comes to Computer Water Cooling Upgrades and are able to work with you to find the best solution for your use case!

Southsea Water Cooling Installation

In computing and electronics, liquid cooling involves technology that uses a special water block to conduct heat away from the processor. This method can also be used in combination with other traditional cooling methods such as those that use air. The former pertains to the category that utilises cold plate cooling, which uses water as coolant while, in the latter (also referred to as liquid immersion cooling), the surface of the chips comes in contact with the liquid since there is no wall separating the heat source from the coolant. This immersion cooling also offer a higher transfer coefficient, although this depends on the specific coolant used and mode of convective heat transfer. One of the main benefits achieved is the reduction of noise and it is also more efficient

Southsea Water Cooling Servicing

Its recommended that once a year hard loop systems are drained, Flush with tap water, then run it with distilled water and rubbing alcohol to kill off anything that may be living in my loop, then a final flush again with distilled water before filling to the correct level using the correct coolant. We disassemble any coolant blocks and check to make sure the fins inside are unobstructed. We will also clean and reapply a fresh layer of thermal compound. We inspect and clean all cooling fans radiators, filters and check for obstructions. We pay particular attention to radiators and ensuring the airflow is not restricted in any way