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Repairs Southsea Computer and Laptop [email protected] 02392 733174 Simply use the buttons below to obtain a quote or to book your repair in Get A Free Quote We Repair All Makes and Models of PC's and Laptops Book In A Repair

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Student Repairs In Southsea

Call us now on 023 9273 3174 or drop your laptop at our repair centre which is located conveniently near Southsea University campus sites and a very close to many of the University halls of residence. We are literally a 5 minute walk from the following halls of residence –

Margaret Rule Hall, Harry Law Hall, James Watson Hall, Trafalgar Hall and Bateson Hall.

If you live in one of the further afield halls of residence such as the Langstone Student Village, Rees or Burrell House, Trust Hall or Langstone Flats, or perhaps you privately rent further away then why not take advantage of our free collection and delivery service for students.

Student Discount

Southsea Computer and Laptop Student Repair

Crown Place

Middle Street


Kingsway house

Stanhope House

St James’s Street

Catherine House

Europa House

Don’t forget we offer free collection and delivery with all Southsea Computer Repairs